About Us
Goju Ryu is one of the oldest forms of Karate taught today. It was founded by Chojun Miyagi from the province of Naha in Okinawa. It's roots can be traced back to the Shaolin Monastery when Bodhidharma traveled through the Himalayas into Southern China. Kanro Higaonna, the instructor of Miyagi Sensei, traveled from Naha to the Fukien Province of China, to learn the art from Ryu Ryuko. Miyagi Sensei combined elements of both the hard and soft Chinese martial arts, Shaolin Chuan Fa and Pa Kua. There are also elements of Tai Chi and Ching E. . Chojun Miyagi taught many of the old masters. One of them was Gogen Yamaguchi of Japan. Yamaguchi Sensei blended his own brand of Goju by adding Taikiyoko Kata and Jui Kumite. His blend of Goju is known as Japanese, as opposed to Okinawan Goju. We at Satori use elements of Okinawan and Japanese Goju, in order benefit from the advantages both have to offer. There is also another brand of Goju considered American Goju. This has roots from Peter Urban whom brought Japanese Goju to the United States. Peter Urbans interpretation become known as American Goju. Satori Goju believes that it is all good and it is all Goju with a foundation dating back to it's origin and Chojun Miyagi. We do not get into politics that one system or style is better than any other. We at Satori celebrate the different interpretations in Goju and thank all the men and women who spread the art of Goju before us. In order to further balance the spirit with the body, we at Satori Goju benefit from use of the Bible.