Kyoshi Michael P.

Kyoshi Di Raimondo is honored by this web site. He was the first Goju instructor of Sensei Burns. His is known for being a great technician with impeccable form. It shows in all the kata he performs. And also for great at Kumite. To be honest when I think of Kanzen, the first one that comes to my mind is Kyoshi D.   Kanzen means the art of perfection and Kyoshi D. comes close to it. I remember him as a perfectionist with good heart. He is great role model for all to follow. He has always trained with modesty. A man of great character.  If you would ask who Kyoshi would give the credit to for his development, it would without a doubt be Shihan Harry Rosenstein. Shihan Rosenstein is pictured below (left). The photos below are from Kanzen Gojuryu web site. Check out the site when you can!

Shihan Harry Rosenstein is one of Urban's top students and the founder of Kanzen Gojuryu. You may want to visit the Kanzen Web Site for more information. He is extremely modest considering all his accomplishment in the Art of Goju.

Kyoshi Mangravito was a big influence in the Goju of Kyoshi D. (right)

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Kyoshi Joe Mangravito
Shihan Rosenstein
Patch of Kanzen Gojuryu