Past Events
Steven Levine qualified to compete during an AAU Regional Competition. The best karate competitors from all the over the country where selected to compete at the Junior Olympics in Hampton, Virginia on August 2nd, 2001. Steven currently holds a brown belt under the direction of Sensei Burns (Head Instructor of Satori Goju Ryu located in Drifton PA), however he competed in the black belt division. Steven placed third in Kumite, and fifth in Kata. Congratulations Steven!
Sensei Francis X. Burns ( left ) Head Instructor of Drifton's Satori Goju Kai (Karate Club), was appointed United States Technical Director for the art of Goju Ryu for the U.S. Bushi Karate Jitsu Association (BKJA). Shihan Naumowicz (right) Head Instructor of Sandy Valley's Earth Dragon Ju Jitsu is presenting the certificate. Mr. Naumowicz is the U.S. Representative for the BKJA. The BKJA only recognizes those who demonstrate outstanding character as directors within it's organization.