Each member will benefit by associating with like minded martial artist. Sharing ideas and techniques with out any of the politics. Each individual is treated with equal respect. Although rank is certainly recognized. it is not the deciding factor in the decisions of Satori Goju. We look for the integrity and character, of a team player who respects others as well as himself.  We look for respect for the art of Goju and sense spirituality that goes beyond the art itself.  Humility is key.  We have an organization that is  free from politics, and control.  Since we rely on God's will and exist to serve Him and each other, the need for control, power, and greed no longer exist.  We have no need to worry when God is with us who can be against us, right?  Black Belts can not only share ideas, but grow in knowledge and wisdom principles taught in the Bible. These successful principles will change all facets of your life for the better. You will win in the game of life and eternity. This is certainly more important than winning the grand champion trophy at tournament, don't you agree?    Satori Goju provides low cost  materials and instruction via the internet to supplement your training as needed. .  There is an ability to earn rank within the organization. Satori Goju does not sell rank. We allow for testing via the internet.   Realize that rank is only a symbol and only represents your position within one organization.   We will recognize higher ranks with proper documentation, But those individuals must show knowledge in Catholic Theology. All Dan Ranks shall be certifide by Satori Goju. Other organizations may not have the same criteria for rank.   All ranks are treated with respect, with Satori Goju lower ranks may have more important decisions or positions within the organization based solely on character and integrity,  Since they are of greater importance to the organization than rank or titles. We develop leaders in society. We believe in creating an environment that leads to growth and prosperity, not one that leads to frustration and control.  We don't have masters as we serve only one Master.  We have no room for pride and boasting within this organizaion.  We encourage all member organization and individuals to prosper by serving others and the organization.

By joining Satori Goju Ryu, you will receive the following:

Association with like minded individuals who put God first in their lives.

Ability to share Faith with others and work together to make a difference.

The excitement of being involved in the next Catholic Christian Revival.

Learn your Bible and how it relates to the Dogma, ( Doctrines ), of the One
True Church, founded by Christ, and passed on by Apostolic Succession.

Access to Forums to share information and discussion.(when available)

Access to the most powerful Monthly Audio on CD, from the brightest Catholic Theologins.

Rank recognition for qualified individuals. ( again we are not a rank clearing house, Theology needed for rank! )

Membership School Certification Available.