Membership Regulations
All members regardless of rank will be treated with respect. All Members will act in accordance with good traditional Christian values.

Members shall not slander anyone in this organization or outside this organization.

All martial arts shall not be used in an offensive mannor, but shall be used only in Self-Defense.

Posting derrogatory remarks or curse words on any social site will get you removed from the organization.

All associate Dojo Members may not charge over $35.00 for Kyu ranks, and $75.00 for Dan ranks. Satori Goju doesn't charge Kyu rank test fees to member Dojos. All belt ranks must be registered with Satori Goju via the internet. Dan Rank Certificates must be recognized by Satori Goju and will cost no more than $25.00. Every effort is being made to keep cost affordable to students.

All Member Dojos must wear white uniforms and required Satori Goju Patches.

Ranks will be given as follows:

10th Kyu - White Belt, 9th Kyu - 1 green stripe, 8th Kyu - 2 green stripes, 7th Kyu - Orange Belt

6th Kyu - Green Belt, 5th Kyu - 1 brown stripe, 4th Kyu - 2 brown stripes, 3rd Kyu - Purple Belt

2nd Kyu - Brown Belt, 1st Kyu - Brown Belt w/ black center.

1st Dan - Black Belt, each additional Dan Rank will be indicated with a red stripe.

All Dan Tests, Kata must be recorded on Video for certification. Also optional, entire test done via video. Theology included.

Catholic Teaching must be included as part of each class using credible sources such as the Bible, Church Fathers, or Chatechism, etc.

Traditional Kata of Satori Goju must be followed. Kihon as well. Instructors can add techniques they choose if they feel it will enhance the trainning for the student with approval from Satori Goju.

A strict environment of edification, building individuals up, must be maintained at all times. There is no room for negative insults or arguments. Gossip is strictly forbidden.

Any behavior that may be considered offensive, that memberbership will be cancelled. Satori Goju will maintain in communication at all times and will not cancel any membership without a legitimate cause. That is a promise!