Membership Rates And Information
We reserve the right to accept or reject any memberships. Or to cancel memberships that do not follow the simple rules and regulations. All members must qualify for membership, by showing a sincere desire to learn about both Karate and Catholicism. In event that one is under 18, it is the Parents who must qualify.  
Individual Rates $50.00 per month
Instructor Affiliation Dojo $30.00 per month, Plus the head instructor must be accepted as a member. Proof of Dan Rank required. You must have instructor experience. You must have references testifying to character and instructor ability. We reserve the right to accept or reject any Dojo Memberships.
Student of a Member Dojo $5.00 per month with internet membership and audio CD of the month.
We may require additional information. Remember, in order to benefit we all need to maintain a high standard for all membership.
Anyone breaking rules, showing disrespect to others regardless of rank, teaching Doctrine outside the Magisterium,  or teaching Kata without regard to our traditions, will be removed.  No exceptions!
No one will be cut off without reasonable proof and consultation as it is in the interest of Satori Goju to be fair to all members regardless of rank.